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Déstination détails

Agadir / Guelmim 2 Days

First day: Agadir / Guelmim (20 Km) Second day: Guelmim / Tiznit / Agadir (230 Km)

First day:  Agadir / Guelmim (220 km)

Departure from Agadir at 8 am in the morning towards the south towards Lagzira beach, 150 km of road to go, ( Of course with many stops: in Massa, in the National Park, at Aglou beach, in Mirleft...) once arrived at the beach you will have your free time to enjoy the water and the sun... A pleasure for the eyes and to admire the beauty of this pleasant place. Lunch by the ocean with a varied menu speciality: Grilled fish. Then resume the road to Guelmim to spend the night at the Tighmert oasis and dine there.

Second day: Guelmim / Tiznit / Agadir (230 Km)

Departure in the morning to Guelmim-centre to attend the weekly camel souk which takes place every Saturday, mint tea on site at the souk, then return to Agadir via Tiznit. After lunch in Tiznit, you can enjoy the liveliness of the city and the charm of its surroundings. Behind powerful ramparts with saffron reflections, the Medina of Tiznit protects all the mysteries of the Blue Sultan, the legendary El Hiba of Mauritania who ruled for some time over the entire Souss region as far as Marrakech. Walking through the alleys of the medina, first visit the souk of the jewellers. Tiznit is very famous for the know-how of its goldsmiths and jewelers. Also, visit the old souk, its architecture is exceptional. Sneak between the columns along the patios, and visit the workshops where Tiznit's craftsmen work with silver.

Departure to Agadir via the Youssef ben Tachfine dam.

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